Northern Shaolin  Kung Fu promotes total body conditioning by strenghtening your body and will power, enhancing your health and shaping your self-defence abilities. We offer many systems of Nothern Style Kungfu including Long Fist Style, Praying Mantis, Sun Bin Fist, Di Kung, Monkey forms,  Drunken Styles and many more. Northern Shaolin is an ideal style for both children and adults.


A typical class starts with group warm-up followed by some basic training exercises consisting of stances, kicks, and other flexibility and some strengthening activities. After this the entire class will go through forms as a group following the instructor. After this the class breaks up into individual rows and works on whatever form(s) they are focusing on currently with other students on the same form.  Towards the end of class, the group switches to start on weapon exercises or forms.


Class Schedule

  • Tues/Thurs – 7:30pm – 9pm
  • Saturday – 11am – 1pm