Darrel Bryant

Grandmaster Tsong Yuan Ho

Grandmaster Wu Shao-Lin

Wu Shao-Lin started out learning from Wong Win Bin, who decided that he was so good he'd have him train with Yang Chin Shin, Blind Yang's nephew. Yang Chin-Shin in turn sent Wu Shao-Lin to study directly with Blind Yang.  Wu Shao-Lin also studied with many of the other teachers in the Chin-Dao district.


Great Grandmaster Wu Shao Lin was Grandmaster Ho's closest Teacher.  He originated from the Shandon province and was a decorated Officer in the Chinese Army which led to his preserving of the Nothern Style of Gong Fu.  Great Grandmaster Wu was often referred to as the "Mountain Teacher" by Grandmaster Ho.  The Mountain Teacher taught a vast variety of the Shaolin Weapons in clusind the Long Tassle Straight Sword, Six Harmony Spear and Staff, Flying Meteor, Monk's Spade, 9 Section Whip, Double Hook Swords, Gwan Dao, and many more.  He also entrusted Grandmaster Ho with special styles such as Nothern Praying Mantis, Drunken Lo Han, the Sun Bin Fist, and many more.

Grandmaster Su Ke-Kang

Grandmaster Su Ke-Kang was born in Shandon, China in 1912.  He began his study in Chinese martial arts at age seventeen.  Grandmaster Su's first kung fu style is Palm Flower Fist of Northern Shaolin, but he didn't seriously train in kung fu until he joined the Chinese National Army when he was ninteen years old.


Gransmaster Su's main style is Di Kung Chuan or Ground Kung Fu.  He had an amazing ability, in which he could uproot a small tree with his scissor kick.